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HIP Amazing Student Spotlight


HIP Amazing Student Spotlight

Learn about your peers and their achievements! Each month, HIP will highlight an amazing student who is recognized by their peers for their role in healthcare innovation. To nominate an outstanding member of your organization please email

Jenna Drevins

Jenna Drevins is a 2nd Year MBA/MPH student at Emory who hopes to develop creative solutions for the challenges facing healthcare providers.

Brianna Casciello

Brianna Casciello is a candidate in the Accellerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program. She plans to contribute to the framework for a universal healthcare system.

Catherine Assink

Catherine is a Certifinied Nurse Midwife and Family Practitioner student and hopes to innovate healthcare by providing holistic care to her patients.

Gabriel Rodriguez

Gabriel Rodriguez, a 2nd year public health student at Emory wants to help others by making policies more effective.

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