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Program Topics

A wide range of topics are covered by the research, educational and program activities of Emory and other support organizations. These have been sorted into the categories listed below.  Scroll thru each page to find information on Faculty, Funding Sources, Sponsored Research Projects, Program Activities and Educational Offerings related to the specific topic.

Healthcare Delivery & Payment Models

  • Delivery Models:  Accountable care organizations, community health, medical home
  • Insurance Plans:  Coverage, risk management
  • Care Coordination:  Collaboration, teamwork, organizational culture

Disease Prevention & Patient Management

  • Health maintenance:  Disease prevention, health promotion
  • Disease Management:  Acute, chronic, end-of-life care
  • Personalized Predictive healthcare:  Biologic, behavioral, environmental impact
  • Integrative health:  Alternative, complementary medicine
  • Specific illness:  Cancer, cardiovascular, etc

Education & Communication

  • Academic Health Centers:  Alignment, innovation, models
  • Medical:  Primary care, specialists
  • Public health:  Environmental health, epidemiology, health policy-management
  • Nursing:  General, specialists
  • Patient, community:  Education, engagement
  • Allied health:  Professional, technical, emerging professions
  • Global health:  

    Non-US models

Outcomes & Evaluations

  • Health outcomes:  Specific cohorts, disparities
  • Safety:  Patient, provider
  • Assessment:  Quantitative, analytic, qualitative measures
  • Satisfaction:  Patient, provider, payer

Social Determinants & Disparities

  • Social determinants: Education, environment, standard of living
  • Behavioral factors:  Adherence, compliance, addiction, culture
  • Ethics:  medical, healthcare

Disease Manifestation

  • Health, disease mechanisms:  Genetic, molecular, cellular, systems

Technology & Informatics

  • Health IT:  Electronic health records, decision support tools
  • Medical technology:  Diagnostic, therapeutic; comparative effectiveness

Economic Value & Models

  • Cost, risk, benefits:  Effectiveness, efficiency
  • Economic models:  Healthcare financing
  • Resource allocation:  Priorities, rationing