Advanced Topics in Strategy

This course is a topics course in strategy. Unlike other electives built around a distinct theme, this course is designed to cover a number of complex challenges that leaders confront in trying to achieve a competitive advantage. There are two frequent themes in the topics we address. One is growth, both positive and negative, in response to changing competition and institutional environments. The other theme is a focus on health care delivery. A focus on health care is advantageous as i) health care is the largest industry in the United States and shows little sign of decrease, ii) health care, in particular health care delivery, is an extraordinarily complex business, iii) health care delivery is a wonderful context to understand service sector strategy (a subject generally under-represented in strategy courses). 1 In understanding the challenges to growth we will tackle such topics as vertical integration, mergers, and innovation. We will tie the course together at the end by undertaking a comprehensive strategic planning and competitive intelligence simulation.