Reproductive Health & Population Concentration

The concentration in reproductive health and population studies is based on the long-standing public health interest in the links between population dynamics (fertility, mortality, and migration) and population health. Students can choose from a variety of topics for in-depth study, including fertility and family planning, maternal nutrition, prenatal and perinatal care, (adverse) pregnancy outcomes, gender and sexual health, HIV/AIDS, migration and health, chronic disease, population and individual aging and the relationship between population and development. Students who concentrate in reproductive health/population studies will differ in the career focus they wish to pursue. Thus, this concentration prepares students for either programmatic or research work in reproductive health/population studies, depending on their career objectives. Students who wish to pursue a programmatic focus develop competencies in public health policy and programmatic skills relevant to reproductive health problems. All students are encouraged to learn methods of data collection, cross-cultural analysis, and analytic techniques for the study of fertility, mortality, and migration, broadly construed.