Rita Aneja

  • Associate Professor, Georgia State University - Department of Biology

Biographical Information: Ph.D. Biochemistry University of Delhi 1997

Research Description:  Cytoskeletal Microtubules, Cell Cycle and Cancer

Cancer is a surreptitious killer that has touched all of our lives in one way or another. It is no wonder that the disease is described as the defining plague of our generation. Fortunately, decades of exhaustive research have yielded a battery of chemotherapeutic agents, the most notable of which include tubulin-binding drugs. Although these drugs can be effective to varying degrees in killing cancer cells, they are notorious for their debilitating, toxic side effects.

Our laboratory is devoted to addressing the urgent need for chemopreventive approaches and "kinder and gentler" chemotherapeutic modalities. The overarching, long-term goal is to improve patient outcomes by increasing disease-free survival and enhancing patients' quality of life. Explore these pages to discover the pressing research questions we are currently investigating using biochemical, molecular, and cellular biological techniques with in vivo, in vitro, and in silico systems.

Affiliated Units

  • Georgia State University - Department of Biology