Ellen Yi-Luen Do, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Georgia Tech College of Architecture
  • Associate Professor, Georgia Tech College of Computing

Dr. Ellen Yi-Luen Do is an associate professor in GVU center, the College of Architecture, and the College of Computing, at Georgia Institute of Technology, and affiliate faculty at the Health Systems Institute and the Center for Music Technology. Her research interest is on making things that think, spaces that sense, and places that play. Her courses and research explore ideas and implementations of ambient intelligence and innovation in the realm of ubiquitous and interactive computing design and applications that can be integrated to the physical environment of a building or a home environment to support health, wellness and quality of life. Applying Human-Centered Computing principles, Dr. Do and her team have been working on a variety of devices for health applications such as Mobile Music Touch, a glove using haptic feedback for passive learning of piano playing skills and quadriplegic rehabilitation, Helping Hand, a portable RFID glove that identify objects for the visually impaired, mediRobbi, an interactive robotic companion for pediatric patients, as well as Games for Health such as Step Up, interactive stairs with music and lights, HealthQuest kiosk games, and NE1 View with Kinect, to encourage physical activities in the workplace and at home.

Sponsored Research Projects