ACS Health Services Research

The health services research program in the ACS Intramural Research Department was established to:  

  • Perform high quality and high impact research that provides evidence for ACS policy and program initiatives
  • Identify critical gaps in evaluating and improving quality of care and to take leadership in policy and technical initiatives to address these gaps
  • Examine the influence of health policies and systems on utilization of cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, supportive services and palliative care. 

The health services research program at ACS is best known for studies of the association between health insurance status and stage at diagnosis using data from the National Cancer Database (NCDB), which contributed to the evidence base supporting ACS’s Access to Care campaign in 2007 and 2008. The group is currently engaged in a number of studies to examine associations between insurance status, treatment and survival for specific cancer sites using the NCDB, and has broadened its research portfolio to include a variety of other data sources.